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Active Projects
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Recently Completed Projects
(RBI/ RBISS) Anchorage Pioneer Home Shower Room Renovations (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Epoxy
(RBI) JBER F-22 Add/ Alt (JBER, AK) Flooring & Entry Grates
(RBI) Skagway Public Library (Skagway, AK) Flooring
(RBI) NC Machinery (Fairbanks, AK) Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) Mooses Tooth Addition (Anchorage, AK) Epoxy & Flooring
(RBI) Ketchikan Pioneer Home Renovation (Ketchikan, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Seward Community Library & Museum (Seward, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Verizon MSC (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) GCI EOTN & NOTN Buldings (Anchorage & North Pole, AK) Epoxy & Flooring
(RBI) Mat-Su Schools Flooring Replacement - JV with CCI (Varoius, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Marie Drake School Renovation (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
​(RBI) UAA Science Renovation Phase 3 (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBI) GCI Alaska Wireless (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Goldbelt Building Interior Improvements (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI) USGS 3rd, 6th, 7th Floor Carpet Replacemett (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI) MYC Phase 1B/ 1C (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBISS) Broken Tooth Brewing Company (Anchorage, AK) Epoxy & Concrete Polishing
(RBI) MYC Phase 1D (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Johnson Youth Center (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) USFS PNW Labratory (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Mendenhall Mall Department of Labor TI (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) ADF&G Near Island Research Facility (Kodiak, AK) Tile, Epoxy, and Flooring
(RBI) Kodiak Public Library (Kodiak, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) 917 Glacier Renovation (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI) ANC Readiness Center Floor & Wall Refinish (JBER, AK) Paint & Flooring)
(RBI) Battle Command Training Center (JBER, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) FNBA Valley Branch Renovation (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
​(RBI) Goldbelt Hotel (Juneau, AlK) Flooring
(RBISS) New Brown Jug Old Seward (Anchorage, AK) Concrete Polishing
​(RBI) North Pole Library Replacement (North Pole, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) REI Fairbanks (Fairbanks, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Big Lake Elementary (Big Lake, AK) Flooring
​(RBI) Cabela's (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Pacific Northern Academy (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) Juneau Pioneer Home Twin Lakes Remodel (Juneau, AK) Flooring Demo, Tile & Flooring
​(RBI) Nome UAF Library (Nome, AK) Flooring
(RBI) ANTHC OB Triage (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBISS) McLaughlin Cottages Bathroom Remodel (Anchorage, AK) Epoxy
(RBI) SOA DOL Building (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Wildflower Court Food Service Remodel & Common Area Flooring (Juneau, AK) Flooring Demo & Flooring
(RBISS) Bethel Long Term Care and Prematernal Facility (Bethel, AK) Epoxy
(RBI) Service High School Renewal Bldg C (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Haines Soboleff & McRae Veterans Village (Haines, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) CVFD Station 35 Replacement (Eagle River, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Petersburg Elementary Exterior Wall Replacement (Petersburg, AK) Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) UAS New Residence Hall (Juneau, AK) Moisture Control & Flooring
​(RBISS) UAA Mat-Su Center for Arts & Learning (Palmer, AK) Concrete Polishing
(RBISS) Tilted Kilt (Anchorage, AK) Concrete Polishing & Epoxy
​(RBI/ RBISS) Boney Courthouse Renovation Phase 2 (Anchorage, AK) Epoxy & Flooring
(RBI) Dimond Courthouse Plumbing Renovation (Juneau, AK) Tile
​(RBI) ANTHC LDR (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) ANTHC Post-Partum (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Walter Soboleff Center (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) UAA Beatrice McDonald Hall Renovation (Anchorage, AK) Terrazzo, Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Centennial Hall Renovations (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Burger FI (Anchorage, AK) Tile
(RBI) Service High School Renewal Bldg's B, E & F (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Eaglecrest Learning Center (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Alaska Native Heritage Center Addition (Anchorage, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Hoonah Health Clinic (Hoonah, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) Mendenhall Public Library (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBISS) Douglas Island Building Renovation (Douglas, AK) Self-leveling Underlayment
(RBI) Judge Christen Cambers (Anchorage, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI) SOA DOT Building (Juneau, AK) Flooring
(RBI) Sitka Kettleson Library (Sitka, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) Bethel Youth Center (Bethel, AK) Epoxy & Flooring
​(RBI/ RBISS) Central Peninsula Hospital Phase 5 (Soldotna, AK) Epoxy, Tile & Flooring
(RBI) West-Romig CTE Addition (Anchorage, AK) Tile
​(RBISS) Kipnuk K-12 Reno/ Add (Kipnuk, AK) Epoxy
(RBI) Statewide Library, Archives, and Museum (Juneau, AK) Tile & Flooring
(RBI/ RBISS) VA Granite & Grout Enhancement (Anchorage, AK) Tile